Sunday, October 23


Today, I find myself in Enos, and I am so thrilled to be here! Enos is not only short and sweet, but extremely powerful. He is one of my all time favorite scripture heroes. He demonstrates flawlessly the manner of faithful, sincere, and fervent prayer. The chapter heading states that he "prays mightily" and "rejoices in His redeemer." What a stellar example for our generation, today. 

In Enos chapter only verse nine, we read that Enos did "begin to feel a desire for the welfare of [his] brethren." Not only does he pray for forgiveness of his sins, but he prays for the welfare of his brethren. He has a sincere concern for their well being and he takes it to the Lord in mighty prayer. 

I too feel a desire for your welfare. I am currently serving as the compassionate service leader in my ward, and I have to say my prayers have been filled with pleas similar to this. I pray every night for each of you; for my friends, my family, for the beautiful sisters in my ward; for your happiness. 

So next time you are having a down day, remember, you are loved. Our Savior died for you and me because He loves us. He feels a desire for our welfare, for our happiness - a stronger desire than any of us can fathom. 

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