Wednesday, October 19

Jacob 4:12

It is not sufficient to be merely "not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ," but we must love it and share it and speak of it often.
Jacob 4 is filled with epic power phrases ["power phrase" in this context referring to the beautiful, powerful, concise lines that you read and think "I wanna stitch that on a pillow!" That is a power phrase]
So today's power phrase comes from Jacob 4:

"Why not speak of the atonement of Christ?"

To that I say, "why not?" If we believe it, if we love it, if we are forever grateful for it, then why not speak of it? In our homes, at school, at work, with our friends, and with those we meet throughout the day. 
Speak of Christ.
Share the hope and saving power of His atonement with the world.  

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